Shinee onew and after school jung ah dating


  1. Are SHINee’s Onew and After School’s Jung Ah Dating? | Daebak Koreans
  2. SHINee’s Onew Rumoured To Be Dating After School’s Jung Ah
  3. Dating rumors between SHINee’s Onew and After School’s Jung Ah
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Seriously, SHINee is involved. Do you know what would happen if one of the members start dating? The fans reaction…well it depends on which one you want to know. Domestic fans think that they are dating and worrying about it, while the international fans were worrying if he smokes or not. Yeah, like I said it depends on which side you want.

The reaction of the fans is entirely another post because just came out internationally about an hour or two ago. I guess thats the diff between domestic and international. Must be hard to get together with friends of the opposite sex cause people just jump to conclusions. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Forget the relationship thing, I'm more turned off by the fact he smokes: Lately, after Onew came back with Dream girl, I felt this aura from him.

Are SHINee’s Onew and After School’s Jung Ah Dating? | Daebak Koreans

Well but we all agree that Onew still looks so young beside Jungah. The commenter was just exaggerating to make it sarcastic. I heard about them a while back. I'm more surprised by the fact he smokes. I'm really happy for Onew.

SHINee’s Onew Rumoured To Be Dating After School’s Jung Ah

Jungah is very pretty. I don't see why age or even how old someone looks should matter when 2 people love each other. I know you personally never said that but I'm just saying. Maybe from another fandom but Kpop fans? Twitter is full of fangirls sighing in relief because SM denied it. Yeah I agree but no one is bashing them for having an age gap, you know.

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So "age gap" is not the issue here at all. Sorry, English isn't my first language so it's difficult to understand what is meant seriously and what isn't. OMG I'm shocked but at the same time, I approve it! Onew has always said that he likes Noona specifically Jung Ah! What is Onew lacking to go out with a girl like her. Jung ah is beautiful and onew is hittin it.

Please quite smoking Onew Not surprised about the dating, more upset about onew smoking. Guys date older women for one reason only. She must be deep-frying Onew's chicken fo sho. He's old enough and she's even older, so what?! Go for it Onew! A combi I have never thought of, a tough noona and a I cant even said it lol. So I see this is the cover up story.

Yesterday that story about the polician watching X-rated pictures, and today this There are many kinds of electronic cigarettes and some DO look like pens these days. I'm all for Onew dating anyone if his heart desires it, but I hope he's not actually taking up smoking..

Dating rumors between SHINee’s Onew and After School’s Jung Ah

Like what is that??? If Onew was smoking, then I am pretty sure that's not how you hold and the object looks like its super long Nobody smokes electronic cigarette without previously smoking the real ones. JungAh is a gorgeous women.

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I know because my brother bought an electronic cigarette to break his addiction I would figure they are A lot of idols smoke.. Korea in general is full of people who smoke.. He mentioned well over a year ago or so that Jungah was his ideal type soo.. He gave ya'll all the hints long ago LOL. A lot Korean men smoke from what I hear.

So, I guess it shouldn't come as a shock if Onew used to be a smoker. Jungah was always my bias in After School especially during Ah! And it's a bonus he's dating Jungah lol. I am not suprised at all I guess it is because he is the last person you would see smoking I don't care though if he's dating Jungah because 1. As long as he's happy, then there's nothing wrong with that, and 2. He's dating my After School bias!! She is doing him a favor tbh lol. Idk if he really smokes or not but i don't think so.

There are no comments so far

There should be more pictures of him with this supposedly e-cigarette here. But it's just that one. Plus the smoke could be behind him and it's just the angle. Errr Jungah is banging. Any guy is lucky to be with her. Fangirls are jealous shit. Their oppa is dating so they can't take it? Netizens have never heard of having a good personality lol!

Also, I think Jungah's pretty. And Onew is definitely handsome. It is naive of me to think money can cure everything, but really, money can cure most acne. Yet, there is something personally disgusting to me about smoking, even though many studies have shown electronic cigarettes do not have the smell or the heavy dose of carcinogens that conventional cigarettes have. Onew is a singer by trade, and smoking away his signature smooth voice signals a lapse of responsibility to me. Perhaps he only occasionally partakes, perhaps. All I know is that to me, smoking is disgusting.

Please note that this is not a judgment on Onew, saying that he is a bad person because he smokes. Some people prefer the dark and mysterious type, and in the same way, some people prefer non-smokers. While it is refreshing to see a more human side of idols, Onew has been slipping up too much lately. To this end, I hope everything is all right with Lee Jinki; that rumors of his continuing depression are false.

I have no doubt S. If I was Lee Sooman, I would have not second qualms about disciplining Onew proportionately, because the image is a huge part of kpop. Though Onew has done nothing wrong, his lack of discretion has an impact beyond himself, so I hope he can learn this lesson well and continue being the smiling face that we have come to support. That was Onew smoking?!

First, I thought he was smoking but then his hands looked like it was holding onto something so I thought he was drinking coffee…how naive, Rosie. I have always thought SHINee members have clear skin until I stumbled onto the pictures above like a year before. His skin always glow! Whatever stuff he uses, i want to know and i want to use. Onew has been n a lot of mishap lately. Acne going to follow them for quite awhile.

Secondly Jonghyun is focus on his bodybuilding so he focus on high on protein like chicken breast meat. I very disappointed with Onew for smoking. I need to go google now.

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But as a singer I do wish he was more cautious. That being said, I do find it plausible that they are simply close friends going out to eat.