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After all that hand-holding, Lucy instructs us to jump in the air every time we turn to face someone, while saying: It sounds like a cringingly embarrassing am-dram exercise, but I can feel the atmosphere changing. People are loosening up a bit and laughter starts to fill the room.

How Does Speed Dating Work

The jumping, Lucy explains, helps us tap into our physical bodies. The nonsense talk is a way to show us how we can connect to each other without using words. I just feel that at least there's no way I can make myself look any more of a twit as the evening progresses. The embarrassing exercises aren't over, though. We're told to pair up and perform actions for each other to follow. A besuited man next to me waves at me. Then he looks down at the floor and stays like that for what seems like an eternity. Thankfully, it's time for the first round of 'dates'.

I find myself in front of Bearded Man again. Adam tells us our minute has started. Beardy looks at me and smiles, pointing to my dangly earrings and putting his thumbs up. I don't know what to do so I just put my thumbs up back at him. Then we just sit there, twiddling said thumbs, as the minute slowly edges by. When the bell goes, we give each other a relieved smile and I move on to the next man, who has a wide face and freckles.

He gives me the earring thumbs-up again - who knew they would be such a non-talking point? The next man is a bit more inventive. He motions to ask if I play the piano.

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I shake my head, but let out a long high note to show him that I sing a bit. This is good - laughing, I can do. In fact, as the round goes on, I start relaxing. One man manages to ask me by miaowing and pretending to stroke his non-existent whiskers if I have cats, so I nod and then bark at him to show I have dogs, as well. I go on to master motioning the guitar, the accordion and mouth-organ, before having an entire 'conversation' about horses. It's fun, inventive - and preferable to spending hours with someone droning on.

Then I notice the woman next to me: Am I doing this all wrong? I'm being bouncy, not seductive. During the break I share my fears with Adam. It's hard to reveal who we are inside because it makes us vulnerable.


10 people reveal the horrors and the joys of speed dating | Metro News

He asks me to sit opposite him and communicate non-verbally. I look into his eyes and suddenly feel all warm and squidgy. Adam is somehow managing to convey honesty, fun, intelligence and a hint of sexiness - all in a single look. He laughs, assuring me: During the second round, I desperately try to tap into my 'inner Adam', but it's really difficult to hold a complete stranger's gaze. I'm going for 'alluring' but I'm not convinced I'm not coming across as a lunatic. Many of the men can't stop messing around. One keeps raising his eyebrows and making faces.

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The stare of the tall, dark man next to him is so intense I decide he may well be a serial killer. The gaze of the following chap is the most off-putting of the lot: He raises his eyebrow, licks his lips and makes small, semi-silent moans.

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Still, by the end of the evening, I'm enjoying the whole experience. Or for our less bearded readers — the handsome serviceman in the workshop next door hesitates to ask you for a date for almost two years.

Is speed dating excrutiatingly embarrassing?

Speed dating may change you life — if you believe in miracles. Entrance is up to twenty pounds. You pay less if you reserve your seat in advance. So what do you get for your money? An opportunity to meet like-minded people with the same or similar interests. First disappointment for someone: But one never knows so if you are going to attend such an event which can be genuine fun at least to try , there are few things you should avoid talking about.

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Below you may grant your consent to processing of your personal data also for statistics and analysis of user behaviour. By Adam Marsal May 6, at 1: In this article you will learn: It started at 7pm on a Wednesday evening at a bar in central London, where the host met us as we arrived. After a few pre-party drinks, we were each given an ID sticker and an allocated number, plus a scorecard.

Each man then had to sit by a woman who was sitting by a letter , and every time the whistle went - every three minutes - the men had to get up and move on to the next letter in the alphabet. Every time you met someone you had to tick the 'yes' or 'no' box by the person's number on your scorecard.

Much confusion ensued, but the host helped us out. Because you're going through quite a few people, quite fast, it's a good idea to make little notes to remind you of the person - a physical characteristic, something about their clothing or something they've said. This will all come in useful later on, especially if you get any positive responses.

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  7. Three-minute rule Thank God for the three-minute rule, because although there will inevitably be a few people that you'd happily speak to for a lot longer, at the other end of the scale there will be those you can't wait to get rid of. I noticed a few recurring types: My boring person was a dentist, so I used the three minutes to enquire about some dental work I'd been planning to have done!