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  1. Talking about your MS
  2. Fractured Fairy Tales: Dating Able-bodied and Disabled Men and Why I Haven’t Yet Found My Prince
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Talking about your MS

When thinking about dating, keep in mind: Dating is all about taking a chance on getting to know someone. Everyone has something that he or she fears the other person may not like. If you like that person, it may be easier to have that conversation Not every bad date will be because of MS. In fact, it may just be chemistry or something you may not be comfortable with about the other person. After all, dating should be about getting to know each other and not just trying to explain your MS the whole time. MS is just another part of you.

It doesn't have to define you Just as MS is unpredictable, the same can be said about life in general.

Fractured Fairy Tales: Dating Able-bodied and Disabled Men and Why I Haven’t Yet Found My Prince

Who knows what tomorrow may bring? You are an amazing person and you deserve someone special too. Send me a copy. Join now Log in to your profile: You are leaving AboveMS. When I was diagnosed, I would have described my life as perfect. For a long time, I would just focus on getting that life back. That was not only unhealthy for me, but it was also unrealistic. I had to reach a point of acceptance of my diagnosis and had to learn to master the ebbs and flows of my condition.

Before that realization, I was emotionally unstable, which made my relationships, both romantic and amicable, very rocky.

Online Dating After Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Diagnosis | The Mighty

Once I learned to be strong on my own, it gave me the self-confidence to move forward in my life. My advice to anyone in a similar position as me is to work on yourself first. Build up a strong foundation; a good relationship needs a strong base.

If you have an illness like mine, you will have bad days in your future, no matter how hard you try to keep yourself in good health. Walking away is frightening when you feel that you are not worthy of being loved by another. This is why realizing my self-worth had to be the first thing to happen.

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The New Way to Look for Love Online

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    • Be honest—to a point. And now to the big one: Related Articles Managing Your Online You People living with Multiple Sclerosis use social media to share experiences and get help for the medical and emotional challenges of living with MS and other chronic diseases. Written by Donna Sullivan. Getting Your Sexy Back Tips to find your sexy after your multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Written by Jamie Tripp Utitus. This website intends to use cookies to improve the site and your experience.

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      Sharing your MS Status when Dating

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